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What to Bring for Lodging

Updated: May 25, 2020

We are so happy you are bringing your pup(s) to stay with us for lodging! In an effort to maintain a clean facility we ask you limit your belongings to the following:

Maple, English Cocker Spaniel

What to Bring:

  • Food: For stays of 4 nights or less, portion meals into labeled, ziplock bags. For stays of 5 nights or longer, you may bring a large food container with a measuring scoop. We can accommodate refrigerated food!

  • 1 blanket and/or 1 toy

  • Medication: Bring any medication or supplements your dog is currently taking. If your dog struggles with anxiety, ask you vet if they would recommend anxiety medication for their boarding stay.

  • Bag: All belongings should fit in a grocery tote-sized bag (unless you have an additional food container)

Please label as many of your belongings as possible with your dog's name and last initial!

What NOT to Bring:

  • Bowls - we provide these!

  • Large bed or mattress - our containments have raised beds in them, we will provide additional padding if needed.

  • Large comforter - we will provide any extra blankets or padding!

  • Rawhide bones - rawhides pose a choking and blockage risk when left in containments unsupervised.

If you have any questions about belongings, please give us a call at (352) 355-4310!

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