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Dog Training

Build a strong bond between you and your dog.


Ocala Dog Training

Establishing a strong and healthy bond between you and your dog through obedience training is essential to their overall success as your faithful companion.

Our trainer, Daniele Turner, brings over 16 years of experience building positive bonds between dogs and their owners using positive reinforcement training. Daniele is a professional member of the ADPT, pet-tech, first aid and CPR certified and looks forward to working with you and your dog!

Training Courses

Training Courses

If you are new to training at Red Fern, welcome! We are glad you are here. Take a look at our available training options below and submit the interest form at the bottom of this page to get started. We will contact you to get started.




Our Puppy Beginner class is for puppies and any dog wishing to get started with training! The class will teach essential puppy/basic manners and cover topics to help your new puppy acclimate to your home and family. We will discuss daily exercise play, socialization, chewing, jumping, potty training, grooming/petting/examining puppy, crate training, and any home situations.


Minimum Age: 9 Weeks

Duration: 6 weeks

Schedule: You and your dog will attend one group class per week on Tuesday evenings. 

Essential Skills: Watch me, place, sit, stay, leave it, introduction to loose-leash walking, and recall (come).


Investment: $200



Our Intermediate with Agility Class is the perfect next step for you and your dog after completing our Puppy Beginner Group Class. This class will focus on strengthening control by adding distractions, distance, and duration to those essential skills and dog manners. We will also begin to work on off-leash skills and introduce some agility equipment.

Prerequisite: Puppy/Beginner Class or prior basic training course

Duration: 6 weeks

Schedule: You and your dog will attend one group class per week on Tuesday evenings. 

Essential Skills: Sit, stand, down in motion, sing and finish, food refusal (when offered by a stranger), and following hand signals/handling skills.

Investment: $200




Private lessons are designed for targeting specific behaviors such as jumping, loose-leash walking, begging, or excessive barking. They are also ideal for dogs uncomfortable around others or those needing a training refresher.

Prerequisite: None required.

Duration: 1 hour

Schedule: Private lessons are available by appointment on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Commands & Behaviors: Customized to your dog's needs.

Investment: $100

Training Sign Up
Training Interest Form

Complete the form below and we will reach out to you to get started!

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